Our republic, which many have fought to defend for generations, is at stake in this election

Posted 7 October 2020 at 8:36 am


As someone who taught U.S. History and Government and International Relations for thirty-four years and knows the Constitution and American History better than most, it is my considered opinion that the fate of this wonderful nation and our republican form of government are highly dependent on the outcome of our November presidential election.

My son was superintendent at Atlantic City Country Club when our president was having his Taj Mahal built by multi-millionaire Club members. That son personally knows Club members who were told after completing millions of dollars’ worth of work that they should get a lawyer if they wished to be paid.

American troops who fought the Kaiser’s men at Chateau Thierry and Belleau Wood in WW I and are buried in France were called “suckers” and “losers” by the guy who got out of serving in Vietnam by citing a bone spur. In fact, our president called people who died in Vietnam “stupid” for not avoiding the draft.

George Fischer, one of my best friends growing up, stepped on a land mine in Vietnam and came back to Holley “closed casket”.  I have always thought of George as a patriot who died for his country.

If you value the republic so many have fought to defend, please think long and hard about this election and why Vladimir Putin, a man who kills with impunity, wants so badly for our president to be re-elected.

Sincerely yours,

Gary F. Kent