Ortt voted against measures to help New Yorkers with rising costs

Posted 9 July 2023 at 4:09 pm


State Senator Rob Ortt complained that: “Instead of making New York more affordable, this State Budget failed to address the issues discussed around kitchen tables throughout our state.”

Mr. Ortt voted against a minimum wage increase and a cost of living increase to human service and mental health care workers. Mr. Ortt also voted against expanding the Empire Child Tax Credit, which will bring financial relief to struggling families.

The State budget that Mr. Ortt voted against also has increased funding for schools. Meanwhile, Mr. Ortt sponsored legislation, which allows the counties of Niagara and Orleans to continue to impose additional sales taxes through 2025, (S06064 and S5183).

I don’t know what issues Mr. Ortt discusses around his kitchen table but child care, education issues and increasing wages to pay for Mr. Ortt’s increase in taxes would be issues that most New Yorkers would discuss around the kitchen table.

William Fine