Ortt touts ‘A’ rating from NYS Rifle and Pistol Association

Posted 12 December 2019 at 6:30 pm

Press Release, State Sen. Robert Ortt

Today, New York State Senator Rob Ortt, combat veteran, and candidate for New York’s 27th Congressional District, announced that he has received an “A” rating from the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.

Rob Ortt

NYSRPA is tasked with advocating for and defending the Second Amendment rights of New York’s residents. Each year, they grade legislators on their defense of the constitution’s Second Amendment. Ortt is the only candidate running in the 27th Congressional District to receive this recognition.

“As a proud gun owner, advocate, and defender of our right to keep and bear arms, I am honored to receive this recognition,” said Ortt. “Second Amendment supporters throughout the 27th Congressional District can be certain that I will continue to defend their constitutional freedoms in Washington.”

While serving in the Senate, Ortt has been a fierce advocate for Second Amendment rights and is the sponsor of numerous repeal bills of the NY SAFE Act. He has also continually ranked near the top of the list as the most pro-gun representatives in the New York State Legislature.

Tom King, President of NYSRPA, pointed to Ortt’s military service and his record of fighting for the Second Amendment.

“Rob has the support of gun owners because he’s always had their backs,” King said. “As a combat veteran, he’s fought for our freedoms overseas and with his votes and leadership in Albany, he’s proven to be a fierce defender of gun owners. That’s why we need someone like him in our nation’s capital – protecting our Second Amendment and standing by our President’s side.”

The “A” rating from NYSRPA follows last week’s announcement of his “100 percent” score from the New York State Conservative Party’s 2019 Legislative Scorecard. For the third time in his five years as a State Legislator, Ortt received a perfect “100 percent” from the state’s Conservative Party.

“Everybody says they are a supporter of the Second Amendment, but I have the record to prove it,” said Ortt.

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