Ortt should show bipartisanship with push for school safety funding

Posted 12 July 2022 at 10:53 am


New York State Senator Rob Ortt, in a letter printed in the Orleans Hub, expressed his dismay that his colleagues failed to adequately fund safety measures for our schools.

Mr. Ortt failed to mention that he also voted against funding our schools claiming that the budget is “skyrocketing to completely unaffordable levels.” The budget Mr. Ortt voted against will provide funds for the wellbeing and learning loss in response to the trauma of the pandemic, including after-school programs and mental health professionals.

It would also fund recruiting and retaining teachers, (schools are in the business of teaching, after all). Currently there is legislation in New York State Senate, S6338, that addresses some of Mr. Ortt’s school safety concerns.

Mr. Ortt has met with educators, parents and constituents in his district all telling him we need this legislation. As the Republican leader in the Senate, Mr. Ortt should assure bipartisan support for this measure. Mr. Ortt knows what his constituents need, will he support his constituents or is he beholden to special interest?

William Fine