Ortt pleased 2 of his bills backing veterans signed into law

Posted 12 November 2021 at 8:42 am

Press Release, State Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt

ALBANY – Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt is honored and proud to share that two of his much-needed bills supporting our veterans and their families were signed into law yesterday by the governor.

Senator Ortt, a veteran himself, brought forth these bills to better the lives of veterans and their families, both during and after their military service. The new laws will ensure military families receive the resources and financial support they need and deserve, and work to provide employment opportunities for veterans when they come home. The two bills signed will:

  • Permit an individual who leaves their employment to accompany their spouse on a military transfer to be eligible for unemployment compensation benefits (S.3623); and
  • Establish a task force to study and improve veteran employment opportunities (S.3638).

“As a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, I know firsthand the sacrifices our veterans and their families have made in service to our nation,” Ortt said. “It is paramount that we as a state provide the resources necessary to assist military families here at home and ensure that we are supporting veterans with every opportunity to succeed once they exit our armed forces. I am proud to have sponsored two of these vital pieces of legislation and commend New York State for placing emphasis on helping our veterans and their families prosper in their post-military careers.”

Both laws go into effect immediately.