Ortt introduces ‘Red Tape Reduction’ bill for businesses in NY

Posted 2 February 2017 at 7:19 am

Press Release, State Sen. Rob Ortt

Senator Rob Ortt (R-North Tonawanda) reintroduced legislation early last month that would cut outdated, burdensome state regulations to help spur economic growth.

Ortt’s Red Tape Reduction Act (S1753) coincides with President Trump’s recent executive order to cut back on federal regulations as a way to boost the economy.

Similar to Trump’s executive order, Ortt’s Red Tape Reduction Act would eliminate or amend existing, duplicative state regulations when a new one is adopted. In the end, this would offset the projected cost of a newly adopted regulation on a business, making it less expensive and more efficient to do business here.

“I’m encouraged to see the President take a bold step to jump start our economy and shift the focus back on strengthening the private sector,” said Senator Ortt. “My legislation is logical and falls in line with the President Trump’s vision for our country. His executive action will require two regulations on the federal level to be eliminated for every new one created. Purging old regulations will pave the way for a stronger, friendlier business climate and attract more employers to create jobs.”

The President’s administration said the executive order is expected to cut more than 75 percent of existing federal regulations.

Ortt first introduced the Red Tape Reduction Act during last year’s session. The legislation was recently voted out of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business. The Senate is expected to vote on the bill this session.

The Red Tape Reduction Act is modeled after the Red Tape Reduction Act law enacted in Canada.

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