Ortt, Hawley deserve support for re-election

Posted 3 November 2016 at 10:49 pm


I have spoken with many voters about the upcoming elections. Through these conversations it has become clear that the majority of voters are unaware of the Senate and Assembly elections. Assemblyman Steve Hawley and Senator Rob Ortt are running unopposed, but they still deserve our votes.

In his first term, Senator Ortt has sponsored 180 pieces of legislation, 13 of which have been signed by Governor Cuomo. By any measure, this is impressive for a first term senator. These pieces of legislation range from increasing penalties for child abuse to requiring certain municipalities to display the prisoner of war and missing in action flag.

Senator Ortt currently serves as the chair of the Heroin Committee and Chair of the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Committee. In addition, he serves on eight other committees. Senator Ortt has been a champion for veterans, the disabled and children.

Assemblyman Hawley has served us in the assembly since 2006. Assemblyman Hawley has sponsored legislation that will prevent registered level two and three sex offenders from working in amusement parks. This legislation added other layers of protection for families and children. Hawley has also been a champion for the local agricultural industry, sponsoring legislation that established the Agricultural Assistance Program and extended eligibility for the agricultural property tax credit.

Assemblyman Hawley has been committed to veterans and their families—he currently serves as the Ranking Minority Member of the Assembly Veterans’ Affairs Committee. In addition, Assemblyman Hawley serves on several other committees. His district office is in Albion. Assemblyman Hawley truly cares about his constituents.

Senator Ortt and Assemblyman Hawley have a constant presence in Orleans County. They have been “do something” elected officials, instead of “do nothing” politicians. They deserve our votes. I will proudly vote for Senator Ortt and Assemblyman Hawley.

James C. White