Ortt doesn’t support Syrian refugees in New York

Posted 18 November 2015 at 12:00 am

Press release, State Sen. Robert Ortt

State Senator Rob Ortt (R,C,I-North Tonawanda) today issued the following statement regarding the placement of Syrian refugees:

“We cannot let our President’s failed Middle East policies lay the groundwork for such a dramatic threat to our security here in the United States. Our hearts go out to the Syrian people who have been subjected to unthinkable horrors throughout their civil war. But our President stood by while Assad used chemical warfare on the Syrian people and while the Islamic State grew – waging a war of beheadings, mass murders, and rapes. Letting the Syrians kill themselves and accepting those fortunate enough to escape isn’t a policy.

“And now that we’ve seen the danger of ISIS taking advantage of lax refugee policies to penetrate Western countries to launch terror attacks against civilians, it’s clear that a new course is needed. The first step is halting the placement of Syrian refugees in our communities, especially if our government cannot ensure a strict, effective, verifiable vetting process.

“At the state level, I hope Governor Cuomo will involve himself in this process that is so important to the security of New Yorkers. And at the national level, I hope our federal officials will follow Congressman Collins’ leadership on this issue and protect American citizens.”