Ortt backs legislation to overturn SAFE Act

Posted 16 January 2015 at 12:00 am

Press Release, State Sen. Robert Ortt

ALBANY – On the second anniversary of the signing of the NY SAFE Act, State Sen. Rob Ortt (R-North Tonawanda) joined other state lawmakers in pushing to repeal the law on Thursday.

Ortt has sponsored a handful of bills introduced by State Sen. Kathy Marchione and State Sen. Mike Nozzolio. The bills would overturn what Ortt said is the unconstitutional SAFE Act.

“The SAFE Act was a terrible piece of legislation passed in the dead of the night without proper public or even legislative input,” Ortt said. “It failed to protect a single New Yorker, turned law-abiding citizens into criminals, and infringed on our constitutional rights.”

Sen. Ortt is proud to put his name alongside Sen. Marchione’s and Sen. Nozzolio’s bills. Together, Ortt said they are all committed to protecting the Second Amendment.

“When I was elected as Senator, I vowed to be the voice of many concerned constituents who vehemently said they wanted this law repealed,” Ortt said. “I want those people to know I have not forgotten about them.”

The bills include amending the criminal procedure law and other laws relating to the suspension and revocation of firearms licenses; private sale or disposal of firearms, rifles, or shotguns; amending the penal law in relation to large capacity ammunition feeding devices.