Orleans County YMCA Happenings

Contributed Story Posted 6 March 2014 at 12:00 am

Spring Indoor Volleyball

This week in volleyball, undefeated streaks were put on the line as underdogs took on championship favorites.

We will start off on with our C division where our first match was Sets on a Beach vs. Just Us. Sue Miller and her son Jake continued to dominate as Beach took the match 2-1 with 67 to 67 score. Jen Arnett had solid play digging some of the power hits Beach was throwing at them but it wasn’t enough to lead them to victory. In our second match favorites Main Liquor took on Misfits in a thrilling match. Nicci Moore was the star of the match. She was setting all her teammates and making sure everyone was involved. Her play helped push her team to victory, as they took it 3-0 with a score of 78-64.

Over to our B division where teams finally got to play in our newly renovated gym. In our first match defending champs Cupcakes smoked Dem Apples 3-0 with a score of 75 to 42. Sparked by the return Steve Crane, Cupcakes got the lead and never looked back. Dem Apples just couldn’t compete, despite Beth Schoeberlein’s best efforts.

Our next match was Baxter taking on Bridget’s Bashers, with both teams playing double headers. Bashers came out strong in all 3 games and never lost control as they breezed to victory with a 3-0 win with a score of 75-55. Missy Carter played strong but Cory Lewis and Tammy Boring’s fantastic play was too much for the newly formed team.

The next match pitted Eddie’s Block Party vs Bridget’s Bashers. Team captain Eddie Bower lead the charge with help from the Welker boys Riley and Zach as they towered over Bashers 3-0 with a score of 75 to 54. In our final match of B division undefeated Victorious Secret took on Baxter. With the return of Sam Roskowski to the team, Secret was firing on all cylinders as they took the match 3-0 with a score of 75-47.

Finally in our A division Bumpin Uglies took on Zacher Construction in back and forth beating. In every game Bumpin Uglies took the lead to start off with but failed to stay strong with Zachers as Ben Wadhams destroyed an absurd amount of balls to keep his team from dropping a game. Zacher took it 3-0 with a score of 75-57.

In our second match SWAT Team took on T-Shirts Etc. Dennis Phillips of SWAT was NBA Jam on fire this match, blocking everything that was hit at him. He frustrated T-Shirts with his height the whole match. That lead to them victory 3-0 with a score of 75-46.

In our final match Mustangs took on SWAT Team, who again powered through the match. It seemed like each member of SWAT was taking turns making plays as Steve Crane started consecutive runs with his jump serves. Mustangs fought valiantly but lost 2-1 with a score of 70-57.

Youth Floor Hockey

Youth floor hockey games started with teams finally getting to compete against one another. In our 4-6 age group respected teams battled as Julia Sentella was flew around the floor and tallied the only goal as her team won 1-0.

In our 7-9 age group Tony’s Terrors took on Tim’s Titans. Thanks to the combined effort of the Moreland twins the Terrors were able to win 5-0. In their next match Tony’s Terrors took on Sara’s. The game went back and forth but Tyler Chraston was too much as he pitched his second shutout with a 1-0 win.

In 10-12 age group. The Red Rockets took on Black Bears. Zach Offerman had a stellar game as he got everyone involved and lead his team to victory 5-3. Offermann was dishing passes to open teammates like Ovechkin. Alex Gagliardi did a fantastic job in goal for the Bears but it just wasn’t enough.

Youth Flag Football

In flag football this week, our 4-6 year olds had a great game. The two teams battled but in the end it ended a tie 21-21 with Seth Krenning scoring the game tying touchdown. In our 7-12 group Cole Callard lead his team to victory by lighting up the scoreboard with 3 touchdowns himself, as his team charged to victory 35-21.

Adult Floor Hockey

In our second week of adult floor hockey Knights took on their old rival Gator Gang. Gang was originally from Knights so tension were high. Adam Dunn led the charge with his team The Knights. Jack Kingdollar was on his game though as Gator Gang squeaked out the victory 6-4.

Next up was Roberts Farm debuting against runner up Team RamRod in a thrilling game. Leads were exchanged back and forth as Team RamRod won 6-5. Despite injury, Camron Rossow came back to help will his team to victory, but sadly it wasn’t enough for our storybook heroes.

In our final game Avengers took on No Names. No Names destroyed 12-3 in dominating fashion. Kory Bedford had a great game as he lead his team in scoring with a hat trick. Will anyone be able to stand up to these giants?