Orleans uses K9s to search jail for contraband

Posted 23 February 2016 at 12:00 am

Provided photos – Orleans County Corrections Officer Chris Shabazz watches while an Erie County K9 team searches the Orleans County Jail on Saturday.

Press Release, Orleans County Sheriff Randy Bower

ALBION – The Erie County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division K9 Unit on Saturday partnered with the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office to search the Orleans County Jail for contraband.

The purpose for this partnership will be to promote officer safety and to serve as a deterrent for those individuals that may attempt to smuggle dangerous contraband into the jail.

The partnership will allow the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office to utilize passive K9 services on a continued basis to fight the introduction of contraband.

K9 contraband searches will now be conducted at periodic intervals to promote safety and security for the employees as well as the inmates who are confined within the Orleans County Jail.

The Orleans County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to creating a contraband-free jail and will use all available options to ensure that this goal is achieved.

Orleans County Sheriff’s Office personnel are pictured with two K9 teams from Erie County on Saturday. The Orleans County personnel include back row, from left: Chief Deputy Michael Mele, Jail Superintendent Scott Wilson, Sheriff Randy Bower, Deputy Jeff Cole, and Undersheriff Chris Bourke.