Orleans/Niagara BOCES students inducted into National Technical Honor Society

Posted 17 November 2022 at 11:14 am

Photos and information courtesy of Orleans/Niagara BOCES

MEDINA –  Congratulations go to students at the Orleans Career and Technical Education program who have been inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.

The students include: Samantha Andrews (Early Childhood Ed Program/Lockport), Alyson Berner (Early Childhood Ed Program/Royalton-Hartland), Bryce Broeker (Diesel Technology Program/Barker), Anthony Cercone (Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Program/Lockport), Michael Chisler (Electricity/Electronics Program/Medina), Hannah Coder (Early Childhood Ed Program/Newfane), Tyler Currie (Building Trades Program/Lockport), Arie Decker (Allied Health Program/Royalton-Hartland), Angelina Delgrolice (Health Occupations Technician Program/Barker), Cameron Fisher (Electricity/Electronics Program/Royalton-Hartland), Gabriella Flores-Medina (Allied Health Program/Medina), Dillion Freiburger (Electricity/Electronics Program/Lockport), Alexander Gagne (Building Trades Program/Royalton-Hartland), Miranda Gebo (Allied Health Program/Albion), Miya Goodale (Health Occupations Technician Program/Barker), Kayla Guerin (Computer Technology Program/Lockport), Tyler Halifax (Computer Technology Program/Lockport), Rylee Hallows (Culinary Arts Program/Royalton-Hartland), Rachel Hill (Allied Health Program/Medina), Ian Jones (Computer Technology Program/Lockport), Jaiden Just (Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering/Lockport), Drew Kauffman (Electricity/Electronics Program/Lockport), Madison Kelley (Allied Health Program/Royalton-Hartland), Olivia Kroening (Cosmetology Program/Medina), Zachary Luick (Electricity/Electronics Program/Lockport), Samantha McIntyre (Allied Health Program/Royalton-Hartland), Lydia Samson (Health Occupations Technician Program/Barker), Emily Scott (Allied Health Program/Royalton-Hartland), Jazmyn Shaw (Early Childhood Ed Program/Lockport), Sara Smith (Cosmetology Program/Medina), Logan Tolliver (Electricity/Electronics Program/Barker), Zachary Walker (Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Program/Royalton-Hartland), Tyrell Wright (Computer Technology Program/Medina) and Alexa Zglinicki (Health Occupations Technician Program/Barker).

The students had to maintain an 89.5 grade average in their career and technical education programs and an 84.5 average at their high schools, have superior attendance, exemplary behavior, be a member in good standing with SkillsUSA and have a recommendation from a faculty member.

Out of all the high school students in the United States, the National Technical Honor Society students who receive this honor comprise 1.6 percent of that population. For staff at the Orleans/BOCES center, they represent the four pillars of the National Technical Honor Society: scholarship, leadership, service and character.

The students were honored in front of their teachers, families and school district representatives.

Students at the Niagara Career and Technical Education Center who were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society include: Logan Becker (Electricity/Electronics Program/Starpoint), Lorna Becker (Conservation Program/Royalton-Hartland), Andrew Birtch (Electricity/Electronics Program/Starpoint), Colby Blake (Culinary Arts/Christ the King Prep), Ryan Butler (Animation, Film & Visual Effects Program/Starpoint), Matthew Cake (Building Maintenance & Management/North Tonawanda), Marianna Campione (Cosmetology Program/Starpoint), Joshua Chesterfield (Electricity/Electronics Program/Wilson), Melania Deabes (Computer Technology Program/Niagara Wheatfield), Carter Galyen (Computer Technology Program/Niagara Wheatfield), Jami Gerwycki (Emergency Medical Services Program/Lewiston-Porter), Evan Husarrek (Computer Technology Program/Niagara Wheatfield), Anhelina Kavalchuk (Computer Technology Program/Niagara Wheatfield), Blair Kephart (Early Childhood Ed Program/Niagara Wheatfield), Henry Jack Leible (Electricity/Electronics Program/Niagara Wheatfield), Joshua Linderman (Diesel Technology Program/Starpoint), Tyler Lorence (Computer Technology Program/Lewiston-Porter who attend Niagara Academy), Thomas May (Welding Program/Niagara Wheatfield), Lenora Mercurio (Fashion Design & Interior Decorating Program/Niagara Wheatfield), Sarah Morrow (Culinary Arts Program/Christian Academy of WNY), Serena Nice (Fashion Design & Interior Decorating Program/Niagara Wheatfield), Nicholas Paszt (Welding Program/Niagara Wheatfield), Eoin Potwin (Culinary Arts Program/Niagara Falls), Zelda Pulver (Culinary Arts Program/Starpoint), Sally Rick (Animal Science/Niagara Falls), Savannah Shine (Graphic Communications/North Tonawanda), Kayla Simmons (Early Childhood Ed Program/Wilson), Ranvir Singh (Computer Technology Program/Niagara Wheatfield), Evan Strong (Electricity/Electronics Program/Starpoint), Patrick Stryker (Diesel Technology Program/Niagara Falls), Cameron Thomas (Computer Technology Program/Niagara Wheatfield), Damon Tunnicliff (Project Based Engineering Program/Niagara Falls), Cassidy Wagner (Conservation Program/Wilson), Emily Yarington (Health Occupations Technician Program/Wilson) and Brian Zatkos (Project Based Engineering Program/Niagara Wheatfield).