Orleans Hub set new record for pageviews, unique visitors in October

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 4 November 2019 at 10:00 pm

Photo by Tom Rivers: Firefighters respond to blaze on Oct. 22 on Route 18 in Yates, a fire that caused the death of Minnie Holt, 80. There were several tragedies in the community last month.

Orleans Hub has a new high for unique visitors and pageviews for a month. In October, the Hub averaged 9,394 unique visitors each day, passing the 9,302 in June 2019, and 9,235 in February.

For the year we are averaging 8,550 unique visitors each day, compared to 7,463 in 2018.

We had 875,006 pageviews for the month, which passed the 853,765 in January 2019. The 875,006 was over 31 days for a daily pageview average 28,226. That is actually third highest in the Hub’s 6 1/2 year-history, behind the 28,457 in June 2019 and the 29,068 this past February.

Last month we had 9 days over 30,000 and one over 50,000. With the daily average of 9,394, we had 10 days over 10,000, and one over 20,000.

We never hit 800,000 pageviews in a month until this year. We’ve topped 800,000 five months so far in 2019.

We’ve been doing more YouTube videos with sports and news. Two of those videos have topped 2,000 views, including a Kendall soldier who came home and surprised his kids at lunch at school and a video of a fire in Albion.

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