Orleans Hub readers are encouraged to help support the local news site

Posted 16 October 2018 at 12:06 pm

Here at the Hub, we’re finally making good on something readers have been asking about since we started this 24/7 news site more than five years ago: The opportunity to pitch in to make it possible.

No, we’re not going to start requiring subscriptions for access. We’re not going to start posting pop-up surveys, either – there will be no annoying questions you have to answer before you can read the news. This invitation doesn’t indicate that the Hub is at risk of going away. On the contrary, daily viewership is up, ads are selling well, and the whole enterprise is thriving. We get about 7,500 unique visitors and about 23,000 pageviews every day. We also hear from folks, near and far, how highly the Hub is valued by those who care about this community.

Our success is the very reason we are now inviting you, our Hub readers, to invest in this resource you rely on daily. Most households used to spend several hundred dollars a year for their media subscriptions. People are constantly reconsidering the best deals that make the most sense for their needs, based on the resources they actually use and enjoy.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a regular Hub reader. We’re asking you to consider investing $50 – $100 per year (a steal compared to many of your other media payments) so that we can make the Hub stronger, upgrade some of our equipment, and better serve our readers and advertisers, who we greatly appreciate. (We would gladly accept $10 or $20 if that is more manageable for you.)

You can make an online payment (click here), or you can send us a check (more information below). This could be a one-time payment or you could do it more than once during the year. There won’t be a contract you’re locked into for several years. We won’t be sending you any bills or reminders to give again. You need to know that contributions are not tax-deductible. But with whatever amount you send, you’ll be investing in a local company employing local people presenting local news on an easily accessible platform.

The Orleans Hub partners with The Lake Country Pennysaver. We share staff and leadership, with Karen Sawicz as owner/publisher of both publications. We invest our own time and money to build better lives for ourselves and our neighbors in Orleans County. Thank you for considering this opportunity to keep the Orleans Hub going and growing.

Checks can be addressed to Lake Country Media, 170 North Main St., Albion, NY 14411. Please indicate “Hub Club” on the memo line.

Thank you,

Orleans Hub publisher Karen Sawicz, editor Tom Rivers and the rest of the staff

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