Orleans Hub had a big October

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 18 October 2013 at 12:00 am

Photo by Tom Rivers

Coverage of the massive blaze at the Orleans Pallet warehouse in Albion fueled lots of traffic for OrleansHub.com.

Orleans Hub continues to see steady increases in traffic to the web site. Last month we averaged 3,000 unique visitors per day, which was up 25 percent from the 2,400 average in September.

The total page views jumped 29 percent from 214,640 in September to 277,401 in October. The site went “live” on April 2 has been growing each month.

Orleans Hub also set a new single-day record for traffic on Oct. 17 with 5,898 unique visitors and 17,151 page views. That was the day the Orleans Pallet warehouse burned in Albion. The Hub posted stories and photos soon after the fire alarm and updated the site frequently about the blaze and its aftermath.

However, the fire wasn’t the Hub’s biggest story of the month. An article about Orleans County DA Joe Cardone saying he wouldn’t enforce the SAFE Act on “John Q. Public” generated the most traffic of any article.

Here are our top five articles for the month:






Our traffic also has jumped with the addition of Mike and Cheryl Wertman covering local high school sports. The Wertman team started in late August and has been at all five schools on a regular basis.

We get lots of comments form people about the photos on the site. The fall season lends itself to nice photos with all the homecoming sporting events and changing leaves.

I was down at the Oak Orchard River on four occasions, including a fishing tournament at the Archer’s Club. A father and son from Pennsylvania were there all week for a fly fishing tournament. The 8-year-old kid was catching Chinook salmon left and right.

His father kept him out of school for the week and they went fishing together. The boy’s grandfather also joined them at the Oak Orchard.

Shane Smith and his son Ben, 8, of Pennsylvania hold one of the big salmon Ben caught last month in the Oak Orchard River.

I like this picture of the father and son. But I think my favorite shot of the month came on the last day of October. Ann Batt of Albion dressed up as Harry Potter on Halloween. I took this one at an exercise class for senior citizens.

Also on Halloween, Cheryl Wertman took an iconic image of the Medina Mustangs soccer team winning a sectional game in monsoon-like weather in Hamburg. It was windy with torrential rains.

“As a weather event that was one you won’t forget,” Mike Wertman said about the game and downpour. “That was the worst we’ve seen in several years.”

Photo by Cheryl Wertman – A Mustangs midfield duo of Anthony Pane (13) and Scott Barber (8) were drenched during the Oct. 31 soccer game against Newfane in Hamburg.

Wertman has been covering local sports for more than three decades. He said an Albion-Grand Island football game was played in torrential rain about five years ago. That was the last game he can recall in such horrible weather.

The Hub is grateful for the chance to attend these games and events, even when it’s raining. And it’s gratifying to see the community enjoys checking the site for updates on the local news.