Orleans GOP leader, at inauguration, says Trump will be ‘a good change’

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 20 January 2017 at 9:37 pm

Photo from White House: Donald Trump takes the oath of office while his wife, Melania, holds The Bible today during the inauguration ceremony.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – It was a proud moment for Ed Morgan today at about noon. Donald J. Trump took the oath of office as president of the United States, a rise to the presidency that shocked the political establishment.

Morgan was there to witness history in person today. Morgan, the Orleans County Republican Party chairman, was at the inauguration with his wife, Dorothy. They were guests of Congressman Chris Collins.

“It’s a great time for America,” Morgan said by phone this afternoon while watching the parade processional. “It’s a change, a good change.”

Morgan welcomed Trump, a New York City real estate magnate, into politics. Morgan and other Republican leaders were at the Trump Tower trying to get Trump to run for governor against Andrew Cuomo about three years ago.

Trump mulled it over, but decided against that race. He had his sights on the country’s highest office.

Morgan and the Orleans County Republican Committee were the first county committee in New York to endorse Trump for president back in February, when Trump was still in a heated Republican Primary.

Morgan said Trump’s focus is on a stronger United States.

“It’s all for America,” Morgan said.

Trump showed his persistence and ability to stave off attacks, whether from the media, the Democratic Party or other political rivals, Morgan said.

The local GOP leader was in New York City on Election Night when Trump clinched the presidency. The new president wants a country where all Americans have a chance for success, Morgan said.

Morgan watched the inauguration in a good spot, between the reflecting pool and the U.S. Capitol. He has spent two days hanging out with State Sen. Robert Ortt, former Congress Tom Reynolds, and other Republican leaders from Western New York.

This evening he is attending one of the inaugural balls.

“Two years ago, Donald Trump was just a businessman,” Morgan said. “A year ago he was a businessman running for the U.S. president. Now, today, he is president.”

Morgan said he has spoken with Trump several times in person or by phone. Trump asks about rural New York, and what the government could do to help the small towns and farming communities.

Morgan said he doesn’t doubt Trump’s sincerity.

“Once you know him personally you see that he truly is a gentleman.”

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