Orleans, Genesee getting less than expected Covid vaccines this week

Posted 25 January 2021 at 11:45 am

Instead of 2,500 doses, G-O Health Departments getting 300

Press Release, Geneee and Orleans County Health Departments

Genesee and Orleans counties continue to work diligently to distribute the limited supply of vaccine received in their continued response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We were hoping to receive 2,500 doses of the vaccine between Genesee and Orleans counties but were made aware that is not going to occur because of the statewide shortage,” said Paul Pettit, Director of the Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments. “We realize that those who hoped to schedule appointments this week are going to be very upset as well and we are disappointed to have to give them this news.”

The state allocations were the same as the week before at 250,000, but the county health departments are only receiving 300 doses total between the two this week which will be utilized for 1B essential workers per the state’s directive.

Those over 65 should continue to seek vaccine from their providers, pharmacies and the state sites. Appointments for vaccine are currently online ONLY. Last week the county-run clinics were able administer approximately 1,050 doses.

“At GCC on Friday alone, we were able to administer approximately 550 doses of the vaccine in a seamless fashion. On average, people got their shots and were able to leave the testing sites within 20 minutes,” Matt Landers, Genesee County Manager said. “As a result of our experience in operating the Covid-19 testing sites, our workforce and community volunteers have been able to replicate this into a smooth operation at the vaccination sites when vaccine supplies are readily available.”

We ask those who are 65 and older, part of Priority Group 1B, to continue to check the clinic schedules and as requested by the state, to use the pharmacy links. Pharmacies and other sites that are part of the “retail network” are working to provide vaccine to the 65 and older population as they receive vaccine.

How the pharmacies set up their appointments are determined by the pharmacies and the state. The local Health Departments or OFAs do not have insight on how pharmacy clinics are run. Keep checking the site links as many of the pharmacies may not have received vaccine.

If you do not have a computer/internet access, please contact your Office for the Aging for assistance. For Genesee County call 585-813-2457 between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and for Orleans County call 585-589-3191 between 9:30-4:30 Monday through Friday and they will assist you as best as they can.

Please check the following links: For clinic schedules when vaccine is available and information about vaccination clinics, click here. Please note the registration links are subject to change and will be updated.

For the NYS-run Vaccine Clinics, click here. Clinics are only open when there is vaccine available. You currently can only register for an appointment online. Each provider is responsible for their own registration and setup. The Health Departments are only responsible for the clinics they sponsor. Please do not call the host sites for the County Vaccination Clinics…they are only providing the space and cannot assist with registration or questions.

You must return to the provider where you initially got your first shot, for your second shot. You must also get the same vaccine brand as your first shot. The appointment is to be made for you while you are there for your first shot.