Orleans, Genesee both seeing rise in Covid-19 cases

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 7 April 2020 at 4:47 pm

Genesee has 10 new cases, 2 more in Orleans since yesterday

Orleans and Genesee counties are both seeing a significant jump in confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Orleans has two more new cases today, after six new confirmed cases on Monday. Orleans now is at 17 total cases, Public Health Director Paul Pettit said at a 4 p.m. news briefing.

Genesee County has experienced a bigger increase, with 10 new cases today after 10 on Monday. Genesee is now at 44 total positives.

In Orleans County, both new cases are people under age 65, with one from central Orleans and the other from the eastern end of the county.

Pettit said the Health Department expects to make more information available about the cases, putting them in age brackets by decade. Right now the department only reports if the person is 65 or older or under 65.

Many of the cases are younger adults who are being active in the community, either going to the store frequently, going to work or attending social gatherings.

Pettit said it is imperative that people of all ages stay home as much as possible to stop the spread of what he said is a “prolific” virus, capable of easily passing from one person to another.

Of the two new cases in Orleans, one person was already under quarantine after being a known contact with someone who tested positive, while the other didn’t have a known connection to someone with the virus.

Of the 10 new cases in Genesee County, 7 are under age 65 in the central part of the county and 3 are under 65 in eastern Genesee.

All 10 of the new positives are people who were under precautionary or mandatory quarantine. They had known connections with others who had Covid-19.

Of the 44 cases in Genesee, 10 people have recovered from the illness and while four of the 17 in Orleans are considered to be recovered.

Click here to see a two-county map with more details about the cases and testing in the two counties.

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