Orleans, Genesee both report no new cases of Covid-19

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 11 June 2020 at 4:15 pm

Garage and yard sales are now allowed with precautions in place

Orleans and Genesee counties both don’t have any new confirmed cases of Covid-19 to report today. Orleans has had 246 cases and Genesee, 201.

Earlier this afternoon, the Health Department reported a participant in the March for Justice on Sunday has tested positive for Covid-19. That person tested positive earlier this week, the Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments said in a a daily Covid-19 news release.

Orleans is reporting one more recovery from Covid-19, bringing that total to 94. In Genesee, 140 community residents from recovered after getting Covid-19.

Other information from the Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments

Nursing home staff testing: The Governor has amended Executive Order 202.40 for those regions that have reached Phase Two of reopening: all nursing homes and all adult care facilities must test or make arrangements for the testing of all personnel, including all employees, contract staff, medical staff, operators and administrators, for COVID-19, once per week instead of twice per week.

Phase 3 is opening this Friday. With that in mind, everyone waiting on Phase 3 should developing and implementing their Business Safety Plan to the best of your ability and geared toward your organization whether it be a business, house of worship, non-for-profit organization, etc.

You are responsible to have your plan and all necessary supplies in place prior to opening. You will not be submitting your plan, however it must be on the premises in the event of a state, local or safety inspection. Keep checking the New York Forward website for your industry/organization summary guidelines.

Guidance for indoor seating at restaurants and food services establishments and for personal care services for tattoo, piercing facilities, appearance enhancement practitioners, massage therapy, spas, cosmetology, nail specialty, UV and non-UV tanning, or waxing are now posted on the NY Forward website under Phase Three Industries.

Remember plans (including that the affirmation guidance has been read) and supplies have to be in place before opening.

Garage/Yard sales are now able to be open following masking, social distancing, sanitizing and limiting to 10 or under.

Garage and yard sales – as informal events for the sale of used goods by private individuals in residential settings – are permitted to operate so long as sellers ensure that (1) occupancy of the space used for the sale is limited to the number of people who can be safely and appropriate spaced such that each person is at least six feet away from others and, in no case, should the space be occupied by more than 10 people at any given time; (2) appropriate face coverings must be used by people in areas or situations where they are likely to come within six feet of another individual; and (3) adequate hand hygiene supplies (e.g. hand sanitizer) and regular cleaning/disinfection protocols are in place.

Sellers may consult the New York Forward safety plan template for additional precautions that they should consider implementing during such sales.

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