Orleans County YMCA Happenings

Contributed Story Posted 27 February 2014 at 12:00 am

The return of programs is upon us! Starting off with C Division volleyball, we had two epic games between returning teams.

Our first matchup of the evening was tight between Set on The Beach and Misfits. Set on The Beach came out victorious with solid play from everyone involved; Jake Miller was the driving force behind the team. He fueled the fire by slamming down a furious flurry of spikes at the other team. Despite strong play from Misfits, Beach was just too much as they rolled to 2-1 victory with a score of 73-71.

In our second match of the night Main Liquor took on Just Us. Allison Zinkievich was a force in the game, with laser-like serve. She ran through the other team for consecutive string of points. Despite dropping the first game, Main Liquor was able to win the match 2-1 with a score 68-71. Just Us had a strong showing by Rick Pitts, who was a terror at the net by blocking many attempts at the net.

In B division, a big thanks to Tim Lincoln for helping us play at the high school as our courts were worked on. Onto our matchups, as defending champs Cupcakes took on Eddie’s Block Party. In a big upset Eddie’s Block Party took the match 2-1 with a score of 73-68. Eddie Bower lived up to the team name, as he was all over the place blocking and spiking everything that Cupcakes sent at him.

In our second match up, Victorious Secret played their first game of their double header against newly formed Dem Apples. Victorious started where they left off with a 3-0 win with a score of 75-42. James Tee pulled out his signature move “The Knife,” sending balls everywhere around the court with precision. In the second game of the night VS faced off against old rival Bridget’s Bashers.

The game started off with a back and forth volley from each team. Ryan Stephens had other plans though, as he thrashed the ball with a few well placed spikes as VS was able to take it all 3 games with a score of 75-55. Cory Lewis and Tammy Boring set up with some strong play but it was not enough to get the win.

In A division volleyball, new formed Mustangs took on T-Shirts Etc. With spikes flying through the air, the intensity was high. Tim Lincoln destroyed perfect sets by Molly Gross in dramatic fashion but it wasn’t enough to take down the Batavia giants as T-Shirts Etc went on to win 2-1 with a Score of 70-65.

Mustangs weren’t done though, as they had another match against Bumpin Uglies. Lindsay Froman, with strong play, frustrated the other team by digging whatever they threw at them. In the end though Mustangs felt it was their game to win as they soared to victory 2-1 with a score of 70-63.

Our Adult floor hockey league returned also. The first game of the new season saw old favorite Team RamRod take on a surprising newcomer No Names. RamRod came up short against No Names in a thrilling 6-5 game. RamRod trailed the whole game but fought valiantly as No Names came with the fire. Lead by goals from former champions Matt Page, Cory Bedford and team captain Jeff Stanton, No Names made a statement that they should not be toyed with.

Second game saw a rematch of last year’s semi-finals match up, with Avanti’s vs. Gator Gang. Goals were traded throughout the game and players were giving all they had, but in the end it was the same result as last year as Avanti’s took it in OT 8-7. Tim Demmer of Gator displayed a nifty spin move through traffic. Special congrats to Sara Page for winning her first game in goal.

In our last game of the two time champs Avengers came out and smoked The Knights. Last year’s leading scorer Jeremy Bensley added a frenzy of goals as the Avengers won 9-1. Adam Dunn played a solid game of defense for the Knights.

Besides our adult sports, our youth sports got underway this week.

A lot of fun was had on Wednesday with kids of all ages coming to play floor hockey in our newly renovated gym. Will Offermann showed his stuff in the 4-6 year olds as they practiced for their big game on Saturday. In the 7-9 the twins Mason and Jackson Moreland shot rockets into the net, demonstrating power behind their shots. Finally in our 10-12 group, Danny Squire put on text book defense in practice. Showing that no one was getting passed him on game day.

On Thursday our youth flag football started also. In our youngest group Jacob Pitcher caught a boat load of passes with the grace that any pro player would want to have. In our older group Jackson Tuohey called plays for his side. Throwing the ball deep was his go to play and he is sure ready to make the defenses pay when he decides to use it.