Orleans YMCA Happenings

Contributed Story Posted 19 March 2014 at 12:00 am

Spring Indoor Volleyball

In this week of volleyball, a championship rematch took place as other teams battled for position. In our first match of B division volleyball, Eddie’s Block Party took on Baxter. Eddie’s Block Party looked for three wins so they could catch the competition. Three wins was exactly what they got as they took the match 3-0 with a score of 75-50. Strong play by Courtney Furness propelled her team to victory, as she repeatedly hustled for loose balls.

In our next match Bridget’s Bashers took on Dem Apples. From the start Bridget’s showed full control. Tammy Boring made diving saves to keep her team from falling behind. With strong hitting from Jamie Glass, Bridget’s Bashers breezed to a cool 3-0 victory with a score of 75-31.

Our final match was a rematch from our B division championships last year. Defending champs Cupcakes took on undefeated Victorious Secret. Both teams volleyed back and forth, neither wanting to give up a single point. Adam Tower wasn’t having it as he slammed down a few spikes to take the first game and give Secret their first loss of the season. VS saw amazing play from James Tee, who dove and sacrificed his body for a chance at victory. Secret couldn’t put it all together as they dropped all three games with score of 75-68. The win put Cupcakes solely in first place.

In our C division Just Us took on Misfits in our first match. Each team had solid plays, making every game close. Paula Welker kept her team in it by stringing together consecutive serves, not allowing her team to fall to far behind. All of her effort just wasn’t enough as team captain Rick Pitts led his team to victory 3-0 with a score of 75-63.

In our next match first place Main Liquor took on Set on the Beach. The first game Main took handily but the next game was a barn burner. The ball went back and forth with neither team wanting to concede. Gary Moore had a great amount of spikes to put them in the lead but through a great team effort Set on the Beach battled back to win the game 27-25. They couldn’t keep it up for the third game as Main Liquor took the match 2-1 with a score of 75-57.

Over to our A division, where five teams battled to climb the standings. In our first match Bumpin Uglies took on Mustangs. Mustangs took the first game with ease but the next two games would be a different story. Bumpin Uglies were able to squeak out their next two games by a combined score of four points, winning the match 2-1 with a score of 69-74. It was a disappointing loss for Mustangs, who hope next week will be their time to shine.

In our next match T-Shirts took on undefeated Zacher Construction in their first match of their double header. Scott Grimm was on points with his sets, allowing Ben Wadhams to destroy the ball for absurd amount of points. The games were close but Zacher wouldn’t be denied, as they took the match 3-0 with a score of 75-61.

In our final match of the night SWAT Team took on T-Shirts. In the first game SWAT wasted no time taking it T-Shirts for a quick win. The next game T-Shirts trounced SWAT in 25-11 fashion. Both teams would play amazing in their last game but SWAT Team got the better of T-Shirts in the end, winning the game and the match 2-1 with a score of 62-67.

Youth Floor Hockey

In our youth sports this week, kids ran with all their heart as tons of amazing plays were made by our up and coming athletes. In our 4-6 year old age group Sophia Sentella was a stone wall on defense. Nothing got past that girl no matter what the other team tried. The game ended in 1-0 victory for Sentella’s team.

In our 7-9 age group Tony’s Terrors took on Tim’s Titans. Both teams played hard but Bryson Costrich wouldn’t let his team fall. Tony’s Terrors won 3-0 with Bryson scoring two of those goals.

In our oldest age group the Red Rockets once again took on the Black Panthers. It was a thrilling game to watch. The Panthers got out to a 4-0 lead with goalie Gavin Eaton playing out of his mind but the Rockets wouldn’t go away that easy. Pat and Zach Offermann lead the charge and brought it all the way back to 4-4 tie. James Schoeberlein would be his team’s savior, scoring the last second goal for his team and winning the game 5-4.

Youth Flag Football

In our 4-6 year old age group Jacob Pitcher stole the show by catching and scoring two touchdowns in a tight 21-14 victory. All the parents were pleased with all the kids’ performance as they all played a hard fought game.

In our 7-12 year olds, Cole Callard showed his stuff by throwing for three touchdowns, killing the opposing defenses on his way to a decisive 35-21 victory.

Adult Floor Hockey

In our fourth week of adult floor hockey every team played hard with three close games being played. In our first game Gator Gang played Roberts Farm in a tale of 3 periods. It started out with Roberts taking a two goal lead then Gator battling back and evening it up 2-2. In the final period Gator Gang edged it out Roberts Farm for a 6-5 victory.

In our second game Team Ramrod took on the Knights. The Knights fought valiantly but Ramrod was too strong. CJ Castricone returned to the team this week and helped his team win a tough fought game 6-3. In our final game Avanti’s took on their old rival Avengers. They battled against each other with teams having a shooting frenzy at both goalies. Eric Offermann would help lead his team with stellar defense, only allowing one goal in their 2-1 victory.