Orleans corrections officer graduates at top of class

Posted 29 April 2023 at 4:20 pm

Provided photos: Orleans County Sheriff Chris Bourke, left, and Jail Superintendent Scott Wilson congratulate Samuel Maryjanowski for earning the Academic Excellence Award at the Niagara County Basic Course for Corrections.

Press Release, Orleans County Sheriff Chris Bourke

LOCKPORT – Orleans County Sheriff Chris Bourke is pleased to announce that Orleans County Corrections Officer Samuel Maryjanowski graduated from the 26th Annual Niagara County Basic Course for Corrections on Friday.

Officer Maryjanowski also graduated at the top of his class and received the Academic Excellence Award.

The Academic Excellence Award is presented to the graduate who demonstrated academic excellence throughout the entire academy. The graduate produced the highest grade point average on all tested materials throughout the academy and was able to present the learned knowledge during classroom activities.

Orleans and Niagara officials congratulate the newest class from the Niagara County Basic Course for Corrections on Friday.

The Basic Course for Corrections is a comprehensive and physically demanding training program that candidates must complete in order to earn their New York State Certification as a Correction Officer.

The academy curriculum consists of topics that include security and supervision, defensive tactics, legal issues, NYS Criminal Procedure and penal law, suicide prevention, ethics, effective communication, and written communication. Students are also trained in the proper application of physical force, deadly physical force and firearms proficiency.