Orleans Community Health sees many highlights for first half of 2022

By Ginny Kropf, correspondent Posted 3 July 2022 at 8:15 am

Mark Shurtz

MEDINA – The first half of 2022 has been full of achievements for Orleans Community Health and moments where rising to the occasion was needed, according to Marc Shurtz, chief executive officer at the hospital.

While the last couple of years have provided challenges for everyone, healthcare professionals have been at the forefront.

“Thanks to the dedicated team I have the privilege of working with on a daily basis, we believe our best days are still to come,” Shurtz said. “During a recent meeting I challenged some of our team to look back to the moments that truly make us who we are – a community health and wellness provider and resource.”

Below is the list they came up with which Shurtz said they feel encapsulates the true meaning of who they are.

In January they announced the opening of Orleans Community Health Surgery Clinic, located in Medina Memorial Hospital. The move not only brought the practice which Dr. Misiti built into the hospital, but also brought other surgeons and support staff to the community.

In March, they announced with Rochester Regional Hospital that they were partnering to bring the Sands-Constellation Heart Institute cardiology clinic to Medina Memorial Hospital. This provided a service that was needed in the community.

As a provider of healthcare services to the larger community, is always seeking new ways to get information out to a larger number of individuals. In April they launched the “Community Health Resource” column in an area paper. From misconceptions around popular dieting to women’s health, this column allows professionals from Medina’s team to provide health and wellness tips to the community. Even more exciting, according to Shurtz, is the fact that this concept will be expanding to other publications in the near future.

In May, the hospital’s chief nursing officer Kimberly Gray was named a finalist for the Community Nursing Award. She was listed among 14 others in all of Western New York.

As a community healthcare system, the entire Medina team prioritizes ways they can give back to the community. In May, tragedy struck neighboring Buffalo and on the following Monday, the conversation about doing something quickly gained traction throughout each of Orleans Community Health’s facilities. Internally, funds were donated, while donation drives were organized at each facility. After a month, multiple carloads of food and supplies were donation to FeedMore WNY.

In recent months, the wound care clinic doubled the hours in which services are provided, furthering their ability to provide care right in the community’s back yard.

An unfortunate theme for many industries has been the challenges presented by Covid-19. Staffing shortages have been a constant discussion, healthcare being one of the most publicized. That said, staffing at Orleans Community Health is stronger now than it was just prior to March 2020. Shurtz said they are excited and proud of the team that continues to be built at each of their facilities.

In conclusion, Shurtz said the next six months will include more engagement through events, an increased focus on sharing information about the hospital’s services and constantly providing health and wellness tips to the larger community.