Orchard Manor union wins back pay for workers suspended during unionization

Posted 12 February 2014 at 12:00 am

MEDINA – Orchard Manor employees, who voted to join the CSEA (Civil Service Employees Association) union last September, have seen several positive developments in recent weeks.

First, the local office of the National Labor Relations Board dismissed all objections to the election filed by management at the nursing home. Management had alleged an array of improper activities, which the Board determined to be unfounded.

Second, the local office of the NLRB rejected additional claims by management that CSEA and workers supporting the union had committed unfair labor practices. As a delaying tactic, Orchard Manor management has appealed both decisions.

The NLRB did, however, issue official complaints against Orchard Manor management for illegally harassing, terminating and suspending union supporters during the campaign. CSEA had filed charges with the Labor Board alleging gross violations of worker rights by Orchard Manor management. The NLRB issued formal complaints after investigating the charges and finding management misconduct.

Now, in the latest development, management at the nursing home has decided to pay thousands in back pay to workers illegally terminated or suspended during the union organizing campaign.

Workers reacted with optimism and a commitment to move forward and try to improve conditions.

“We started our union to have a voice on the job and to be partners in improving care for the residents,” said Pam Frasier, CNA.“Despite management’s decision to spend valuable resources to fight our union we have won every time.It is time for management to come to the table rather than waste more resources on intimidation and litigation.”

“Management could have avoided this expensive settlement by simply following the law and respecting our rights,” said Gloria Graham, CNA.

CSEA Western Region President Flo Tripi commented, “I congratulate the workers at Orchard Manor for sticking together, holding management accountable, and proving their case. Clearly, Orchard Manor management knew they were going to lose the trial. Now, we urge them to join these fine employees in forming a partnership to improve care by recognizing the union and bargaining a fair contract.”