Opposition to railroad deal intended to wreak economic havoc, then shift blame to Democrats

Posted 5 December 2022 at 6:59 pm


Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, who will represent the newly formed 24th Congressional district starting in January, voted against the resolution to impose a tentative agreement between the railroad companies and the unions.

In her opposition she claims that avoiding a strike should be accomplished by good faith negotiations. The railroads and the unions started negotiating in 2019, three years ago with no agreement in sight.

After three years of negotiations the unions were set to strike on Dec. 9th. A railroad strike would have devastating effects on the our economy.

Jay Matteson, Jefferson County Agriculture Coordinator, told reporter Sandy Torres of WWNY Channel 7 News, that 30-40% of the food people buy is shipped by rail. “Shortages, (of food), will show up in weeks and it will take longer to get back on track.”

A rail strike will create havoc on the economy; there will be food shortages and rampant inflation, and Republicans will blame Democrats. That is what Ms. Tenney’s vote was about. She is hoping to create chaos and economic disruptions which she can than blame on Democrats.

Democrats have strove to improve the economy for everyone; they have worked to rebuild the infrastructure, improve our technology, make marriage equality and health care available to everyone.

Ms. Tenney’s vote and that of fellow Republicans was not because they want workers to have sick time, which she voted against, it was a cynical vote to blame Democrats for bad economic conditions.

William Fine