Oppose cronyism in Sheriff’s Office, and support Sobieraski

Posted 1 November 2019 at 9:12 am


The Orleans County Sheriff’s Office recently promoted two deputies to the rank of Sergeant.  The #1 candidate on the Civil Service Sergeant’s list supported Brett Sobieraski in the June Primary and was therefore denied the promotion.

The two candidates who scored much lower on the exam but supported Brett’s opponent and attended political fundraisers for him were each promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Although Civil Service Law allows for this type of cronyism, does it make this right?

In a Facebook post after the June Primary, dated July 1st, Brett’s opponent stated in his post “there will be no retaliation for supporting another candidate.” I guess he forgot he posted this when the promotions were made.

Leadership is not a position or a title. It is action and example. Let’s elect a sheriff who will take the politics and cronyism out of the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office. Let Brett Sobieraski be the example of what leadership looks like. It’s time to restore morale for the individuals who we, as a community, rely on each and every day to protect us.

Please write in your vote for Brett Sobieraski on Nov. 5.

Martin J. Stirk, Sr.