Only a few would benefit from turbines while all would be impacted negatively

Posted 10 September 2018 at 1:57 pm


Your article – “Apex say 2020 is target date for construction of turbine projects in Orleans” – appeared to be one-sided, portraying everyone is for the wind turbines; that is not so.  There are many that are for them and they are mostly lease holders.

The Gallagher barn gathering of 170 folks was for many townships, not just Barre. Why doesn’t Apex give a dinner for all those not in favor for the wind turbines and who are not lease holders? Would the number of attendees be double or triple 170?

You should of gone to the Town of Barre meeting with La Bella on July 18, 2018  and Clear Skies over Barre on the July 19, 2018 at the Hoag Library to get a full scope of the communities’ feelings on this project.

Your article is correct the towns will have some financial gain in the community for a short time and that financial gain will be mostly for the land owners. All the residents will have the loss of the picturesque landscape, we now are able to enjoy.

All residents will have the risk of health problems. All residents will have some possibility of GPS problems with aircraft (Mercy Flight and others), TV, radio, cell phone reception etc. – read the Fort Drum problems on the internet. There is noise, flickering and stray energy that must be considered.

We must have far setbacks (2,500 feet would be a good start from the property line) to protect all residents. This 2,500-foot setback would still grant income to the farmers with limited health risk to their neighbors.


Robin Nacca

Know Your Facts USA