Only 2 Orleans municipalities haven’t opposed SAFE Act

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 26 August 2013 at 12:00 am

NY Revolution wants Orleans to be first county where every town and village weighs in against gun law

MEDINA – A group that formed this year after the state passed an anti-gun law, the SAFE Act, is close to convincing the county, all 10 towns and four villages to officially oppose the law.

Only the villages of Lyndonville and Medina are yet to pass official resolutions in opposition to the SAFE Act. The Village Boards for both municipalities are considering resolutions against the SAFE Act.

“We’d be the first county in the state to have all of them pass resolutions,” said Gia Arnold of Holley, the state-wide coordinator for NY Revolution.

She attended tonight’s Medina Village Board meeting. Resident David Krug addressed the Village Board, and asked for a resolution against the SAFE Act. That vote may come at a Medina meeting in September.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state Legislature approved the SAFE Act in January, which the governor said was designed to tighten gun control laws. But the law has been widely criticized for its approval without a public hearing and “for turning law-abiding citizens into law-breaking citizens.”

One controversial piece of the legislation requires magazines that can hold no more than seven bullets, when most magazines hold 10.

The legislation was hastily crafted without any vetting from the public, State Assemblyman Steve Hawley has said, leading to bad policy.

Krug, the Medina resident, said he hopes the widespread opposition to the law at the local level will convince the governor and Legislature to either revise or repeal the SAFE Act.