One-room schoolhouse in Barre had 59 students, 1 teacher in 1894

Posted 19 September 2014 at 12:00 am

By Bill Lattin, Orleans County Historian

BARRE – These are the students of the South Barre School, District No. 9, pictured in 1894.

This was a one-room cobblestone schoolhouse located on the old Oak Orchard Road at the Culver Road. The building is now a residence.

This picture was taken on a “field trip” to Albion as it was done in the photographer’s studio.

Here, teacher Miss Capitola Grinnell is posed with her 59 scholars. Yes, that’s 59!

Looking them over we can see first graders to eighth grader. Just imagine trying to teach various subjects to different grade levels all in one room.

Miss Grinnell must have had good control and the students no doubt helped each other. What a novel idea!