On Normandy anniversary, Americans should dedicate selves to facts on which freedom rests

Posted 6 June 2020 at 8:44 am


On this anniversary of Normandy I write about twists and turns and rabbit holes – the right to truth that free people fought and died for.

Historically our troops stormed the beaches at Normandy and defeated the Nazis. Now Fox News and the President says “Antifa” is a terrorist organization even though the FBI says it has no evidence of its involvement in the Floyd demonstrations. I am concerned this is actually a rabbit hole to mislead and divide us. Not a truth.

It’s important today in terms of history as “Antifa” is a neologism constructed from a contraction of the phrase “anti-fascist.” Adherents to the philosophy are vehemently anti-nazi and white supremacist. It seems they formed in 2017 after Charlottesville when Trump sided with KKK types toting guns who terrorized the city, killing one.

Beyond that Antifa seems to be some sort of amalgam holding both Libertarian Party views and very progressive, but capitalist, views. They unite in not respecting President Trump and opposing cowards posing as tyrants. Are we being told the truth about them or are they a scapegoat?

I could be wrong but blaming them looks like a distraction when, in fact, the late night looting is the handiwork of common thugs and crooks.

In respect to the Floyd protesters themselves, well, when Floyd called out to his “mother” for help anyone with eyes, ears and a brain, knew he was in his final throes on his way to joining her in heaven. Casting about for distractions to avoid facing that terrible fact and the fallout is clearly politics.

Also now, in the aftermath of his death,  there has been a boastful threat to deploy troops against our own citizens. The Chinese did that in Tiananmen Square. It’s what tyrants and dictators do. It’s never done in democracies with real elections!

Using troops against our citizens is a betrayal to the greater purpose that led whites and blacks to join hands to defeat the Nazis. Talking about troops with guns turned on peaceful protestors is a rabbit hole.  Actually unilaterally doing this is not only unconstitutional but also a betrayal of our military’s great tradition to protect and defend us free of politics. This rabbit hole to my mind is not excusable.

I am personally very tired of the constant stream of stories about how my neighbors, people with a long history of dedicated service, our civil servants, or whatever are now out to get me – or, more often, out to get the President. I know it’s impossible that what I am told one week is not true the next;  reality does not work that way.

Anyone claiming to always be perfect strains credulity; this is particularly so when every Inspector General who investigates to find the facts sooner or later gets fired – even ones the President appointed. So what is the truth here we are not hearing?

This is still The UNITED States of America. It has a long history of being run by adults who put it and truth – not the news cycle – first. Holding a Bible, overhead and upside down, while photos are taken does not fit that bill. It seems like a staged distraction from something – a rabbit hole to keep us off balance

Old folks and history buffs remember the photos of Adolph garnering applause with his Bible hoisted overhead – right side up! He was always right and like all tyrants had a penchant for making up facts – rabbit holes to distract and persuade his country – until we put a stop to that at Normandy.

Normandy still has a lot to teach us today about the reasons we fought and knowing that at the end of the day that facts are facts. Falling prey to rabbit holes and lies is what we fought against.

The facts on which freedom rests are something to examine extremely carefully and then treat with respect. It takes hard work. On this anniversary we need to re-dedicate ourselves the task of staying true to our heritage and reject distractions.

Conrad F. Cropsey