OCH and Lee-Whedon partner for monthly health and wellness series at library

By Ginny Kropf, correspondent Posted 2 April 2024 at 8:08 am

MEDINA – Orleans Community Health has announced an informative partnership with Lee-Whedon Memorial Library which introduces a comprehensive monthly health and wellness series, according to information from Scott Robinson, director of Marketing, Communications and Outreach at the hospital.

This initiative aims to empower and educate the community members on various healthcare services available, Robinson said.

The collaborative effort underscores the hospital’s goal of education the community on what’s available close to home. Through this series, Orleans Community Health aims to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and the community, fostering a deeper understanding of available services and resources.

“Our goal at Lee-Whedon Memorial Library is to connect our community with the resources they want,” said Kristine Mostyn, director of Lee-Whedon. “This partnership with Orleans Community Health will allow us to educate and support our community’s health questions and concerns, as well as highlight the services available at OCH.”

The first session will kick off at 1 p.m. April 17 at Lee-Whedon. Each monthly session will cover a wide array of topics, including preventative care, specialized medical services and more. The series will also offer valuable information on healthcare enrollment and questions the public might have on Medicaid eligibility and procedures.

“This series is made possible by a common goal we share with Lee-Whedon Memorial Library to supply the community with resources that help them make educated decision,” Robinson said. “Whether it’s Medina Memorial Hospital, the Albion Healthcare Center, dialysis centers or the Middleport lab, we want to continue to provide information to the community that helps them make well-informed choices on the care they receive.”

The monthly health and wellness series will be open to all community members, regardless of age or background. Whether an individual is seeking guidance with specific questions or simply looking for generic information, this series promises to deliver valuable insights and resources, Robinson added.

He urges everyone to save the date of April 17 for the inaugural session. Announcements regarding upcoming topics will be forthcoming.

Together, Orleans Community Health and Lee-Whedon are dedicated to building a healthier, more informed community, Robinson said.