Susan Duvall “Frenchie” Crafts

By Orleans Hub Posted 1 April 2021 at 3:41 pm

Susan Duvall “Frenchie” Crafts (1947-2021)

Susan D. called “Frenchie” at Medina High had that smile that classmates found attractive but she intellectually, rose above the flirtations and eventually attended college at age 33 to excel, achieving her “teacher’s expectations,” by completing a Phd. in Sociology at age 44.

Then her zeal as teacher was apparent as her professorial nature was utilized immediately as a “teaching assistant” for three professor’s while also “working as a waitress” when attending ten years as a UB student.

Her first professional year was at RIT. Quickly moving on to longer commitments as” Assistant Professor  at Brockport College (six years) and finally an Associate Professor at NCCC and nearly completing her thirteenth in 2012.

Her RA gradually, over years, increased her fatigue. This cursed Rheumatoid Arthritis caused her diminishment over her two decades as a teacher and the last decade of her retirement was even more uncomfortable for her.

However her pets, “especially gave her” that snuggling affection and for the fifty years we were together. Her pets gave her immense comfort and love. I will say no more, at this time, of her final six months in five different hospitals and two rehab centers.

In lieu of flowers, Sue would wish help for our furry friends. Her spirit lives in the barks, chirps and purrs of these wonderful creatures.  These pets continue to give me comfort and your “pledge of friendship” can be as healing as having a “good will” pet beside you now. Sue’s legacy is strong in so many ways.

There will be no memorial service at this time. Cards to 37 N.Main St., Middleport NY 14105.  Please read the complete obituary at