NY’s push for green power requires using large land footprint

Posted 15 November 2016 at 7:57 am


A prior Letter to the Editor indicated green power sources should be constructed in areas which have little vegetation or population.

Electrical transmission has three costs. The cost of power lost, the rent on the money borrowed to construct the transmission lines and the maintenance and depreciation on the power lines. To move power 2,000 miles as suggested results in 17.4% of the power lost and delivery of that power costing 42% more.

It boils down to locating generators near their loads. With the current progressive leadership demanding green power as a source of New York power, the companies are left with little choice but locating generation near the end users.

An alternative is to work with existing generation systems in place which use coal. It seems that is an unacceptable choice by the leadership in this state.

We are left with three choices, build the green power sources near the end users which will consume a large land footprint, accept black outs or brownouts, or change the state’s leadership.

Ed Urbanik