NYS Legislature, governor show no regard for sanctity of life with expanded abortion rights

Posted 26 January 2019 at 6:51 pm


This past week we watched with sorrow and amazement when the NYS Legislature passed, and Gov. Cuomo signed, the perverted Womens’ Reproductive Health Act, which actually should be called the Death of Unborn Babies Act. How ironic this action took place following the previous Sunday being “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.”

It was not unexpected, as the governor had promised to make this his number No. 1 priority now that he controls all three branches of NYS government. Where is the public outrage over the standing ovation of the legislators  which occurred when the measure passed? Have New Yorkers sunk that low in morality and conscience with regard to human life? Apparently so, as the majority of voters elected these individuals to represent them.

With absolutely no regard for the sanctity of human life, the next logical action will be to legalize assisted suicide, something we know the governor has already made plans for.

One of the reasons the Marxist-socialists give for wanting to import millions of illegal aliens into our country is because we need the workers. After murdering more than 60 million human beings through abortion since Roe v. Wade, we certainly have reduced the American workforce.

Where is the outcry from the pulpits of our churches? Since so-called “Christian” leaders are  so caught up with the social justice gospel, apparently they have no time or desire to preach the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, one which values all life, as created by God.

As a society, and especially as Christians, we should be crying out in repentance, begging God for forgiveness before it is too late. There will come a time when His patience will end, and He will turn us over to destruction due to our reprobate minds and hearts (Romans chapter 1). Personally, I believe that time has already come and we have begun to see the results of that perversion. May God have mercy on their souls!

Wayne and Belinda Lemcke