NY’s concealed carry law criminalizes right to self defense

Posted 30 July 2022 at 9:35 am


In the wake of Albany Democrats’ most recent trampling of New Yorker’s second amendments rights, we witnessed a heroic act in Greenwood, Indiana, that highlighted just how disastrous and nonsensical the latest anti-constitutional gun laws passed really are. Thanks to the bravery, skill, and quick actions of a concealed carry permit holder, several lives inside the Greenwood Mall were saved on July 17th.

While we pray for the families of those who lost loved ones on that day, we also recognize the lives that were saved due to a civilian’s ability to respond quickly and neutralize a threat, thanks to his ability to use a concealed pistol.

Unfortunately, because of the recently passed laws in New York, the hero who saved lives would be considered a felon if an incident such as this happened later this year. Not only will these new laws make it more difficult for law-abiding pistol permit holders to exercise their constitutional right, but they would criminalize the right to self-defense.

America is home to over 18 million concealed carry permit holders. Yet over the last 18 years, less than 0.8% of all firearm-related homicides in the U.S. have involved law-abiding concealed carry permit holders.

Law-abiding pistol permit holders are not the ones committing crimes. An overwhelming majority of the gun violence and gun-related homicides we witness daily are perpetrated by criminals with illegal firearms. These are the same criminals who are being arrested and quickly released back on our streets thanks to Albany Democrats’ pro-criminal policies like bail reform.

In New York, these lawbreakers are re-committing violent crimes at over four times the rate of law-abiding pistol permit holders. After SCOTUS ruled New York’s existing pistol permit process unconstitutional, Governor Kathy Hochul and her anti-protection allies in the State Legislature were quick to orchestrate a “Special Session” to condemn and harass law-abiding pistol permit holders. Yet it’s these same politicians who continue to sit idly by as violent crime skyrockets; there is no accountability for those criminals breaking the law.

Instead of doubling down on their unconstitutional policies of the past and passing unconstitutional laws that will do absolutely nothing to address gun violence, New York State should instead be empowering all New Yorkers, regardless of sex, race, religion, or political persuasion, to exercise their constitutional rights to self-defense and self-preservation.

The right to self-defense and the second amendment is not limited to an individual’s home. I hope the court system in New York sees these new pistol permit laws for what they are, a mockery of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling, and strikes down this nonsensical legislation.

Multiple lawsuits have already been filed in New York to do just that. I pray, God forbid we see a horrible tragedy such as the one we witnessed in Indiana here in New York, that a brave, upstanding citizen with a concealed carry permit will be there to protect and save innocent lives.


Robert G. Ortt

North Tonawanda

NYS Senate Republican Leader