NY would be better served trying to keep its residents rather than imposing quarantine

Posted 26 September 2020 at 10:18 am


Being a former NYS resident, it’s been great to be informed by the Hub of local and state news. As I write, NYS has 35 states under its “quarantine” list issued by Governor Cuomo.

My state, Florida, is on his list. He says he has done a great job with his discipline that he has conducted of his control with the virus prevention. Death toll in NYS from the virus is 32,708. With a population of 1,000,000-plus more people in Florida, coronavirus deaths here are 13,961. With 900 people moving here per day to make Florida their permanent residences, Governor DeSantis gave up the “quarantine” but has kept virus death toll down.

It has propped up the TV and radio stations with receiving Michael Bloomberg’s $100 million to enhance the Biden campaign here in Florida. Another shot in the arm was Tom Golisano’s (left NY to be Fl resident) contribution of three Golisano Children’s Hospitals here in Southwest Florida.

As Gov. Cuomo says, we’re “New York Tough.” Maybe spend more time in preventing New Yorkers from leaving than “quarantine” those entering.

Charles Woodworth

Englewood, Florida