NY to observe moment of silence at 2 p.m. for George Floyd

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 4 June 2020 at 1:19 pm

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state will observe a moment of silence at 2 p.m. today, which is the start of a memorial service for George Floyd, who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25.

The moment of silence “is a symbolic moment to say we understand what happened, we’re sorry, we grieve, and this is an injustice that should never happen again,” Cuomo said today during a news conference.

Floyd’s death has resulted in nationwide protests over police brutality. Cuomo said he supports peaceful protestors and their cause of justice and equality.

But he said any looters or people who harm police officers need to be criminally charged.

Cuomo said he is “stunned” by the lack of respect being shown to police officers during protests in New York City.

He said he is sympathetic to police officers who are trying to an “impossible job.”

The governor said he is worried for a country during an era of hyper political partisanship, a Covid-19 pandemic and now looters exploiting peaceful protests.

“It is as dangerous a time as I have ever experienced,” Cuomo said during a news conference today.

The governor said he is concerned the mass gatherings at the protests could result in outbreak of Covid-19. He urged everyone who has attended a protest to get tested for Covid-19. He noted the symptoms sometimes don’t show up for many days after an infection or the people may be asymptomatic and can still spread the virus.

The governor said looters have caused extensive damage to many “mom and pop” businesses that were already struggling to make ends meet in distressed neighborhoods.

He said the state Department of Financial Services, which regulates the insurance industry, would direct insurers to expedite claims, provide free mediation of disputes, and accept photos as reasonable proof of loss so businesses don’t have to wait for police reports.

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