NY sets new low for hospitalizations from Covid-19

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 19 July 2020 at 10:22 am

New York State has a new low for hospitalizations from Covid-19. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced today that 722 were hospitalized in the state on Saturday for Covid-19, the lowest number since March 18.

The state peaked with 18,825 hospitalizations from Covid-19.

The hospitalizations continue to drop. The 722 is down from 743 the previous day, which was the lowest since March 18.

“We’re continuing to progress forward through the Covid-19 pandemic in the face of a continued explosion of cases throughout the United States, and that’s reflected in today’s hospitalizations—the lowest number since March 18—and rate of positive cases,” Cuomo said. “During these confining and frustrating times, I know it’s tempting to be tired of the many rules and guidelines the state has issued, but I reiterate that this pandemic is far from over, and the incredible compliance and fortitude of New Yorkers are key parts of our ability to fight Covid-19. Socially distance, wear a mask, wash your hands and stay New York Smart.”

Of the 46,204 tests conducted in New York State on Saturday, 502, or 1.08 percent, were positive.

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