NY sees new low in hospitalizations from Covid-19

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 2 August 2020 at 5:14 pm

6 million Covid tests have been completed in state

The state reached a new low in hospitalizations from Covid-19 on Saturday. The 556 hospitalizations are the fewest since March 17.

There were also three confirmed deaths from Covid-19 on Saturday in the state. The state’s three-day daily average was 4, the lowest number since mid-March.

The state also reached a milestone on Saturday with the total Covid tests in the state surpassing 6 million.

“We’ve now conducted over 6 million tests, and the numbers are just about where we want them to be, which is all very good news and says that our plan is working,” Governor Cuomo said today. “However, context is important, and there are storm clouds on the horizon in the form of new cases throughout the country and a lack of compliance here in the state, and I urge New Yorkers to stay New York Smart and local governments to properly enforce state guidance.”

Saturday was also the five-month anniversary of the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in the state. The state has had 416,298 confirmed cases in the past five months.

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