NY looking for videos to promote wearing masks in public

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 6 May 2020 at 10:27 am

Photo from Governor’s Office: Governor Andrew Cuomo and his daughter Mariah Kennedy-Cuomo announced the “Wear A Mask” video contest on Tuesday.

New York State is accepting video submissions that promote wearing masks or facial coverings in public when social distancing isn’t possible.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his Mariah Kennedy-Cuomo announced the competition on Tuesday. The governor wants the videos to send the message that wearing a mask is important in public. The videos should be less than 30 seconds long and show a mask properly worn over the mouth and nose.

The top five videos will be posted and New Yorkers can vote for their favorite. The winning video will be used as a Public Service Announcement. Videos must be submitted by May 15. Click here to be directed to WearAMask.ny.gov for more information.

Cuomo said 99 percent of the public is doing a great job wearing the masks in stores and other public places. But he wants to convince the other 1 percent that the masks are important to protect public health.

“Maybe there’s a better way to communicate it than I have been communicating it,” Cuomo said during a news conference on Tuesday. “Again, 99 percent of the people are doing it, and that’s great. We’re talking about that 1 percent.”

His daughter suggested the contest. Mariah Kennedy-Cuomo will serve as an unofficial adviser with the State Department of Health for the competition.

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