Not all have been bamboozled by the president

Posted 1 August 2018 at 5:00 pm


Where to begin?  This will be rambling.

Hate to burst any bubbles, but immigration is a principal source of America’s greatness and always has been—by its nature—for the most part, merit based. Kudos to Darren Wilson for his thoughtful, well written, fact-based—yet lengthy (oh my)—letter to the editor on the subject.

That said, ICE isn’t the problem. The person giving it its orders is. We obviously need border security. We do not need to separate infants and children from their parents when they risk it all to escape domestic abuse and violent gangs to pursue a decent life for their children.

After my previous letter on this subject, a person I had thought of as rational tried to “straighten me out” in a personal letter. He flatly accused me of being in favor of “open borders.” Coming to that conclusion after reading what I had written made me wonder whether he had significant comprehension issues. Heavens to Betsy, I know I am a democrat and all.

Great letter on tariffs and agriculture, Ron Mathes.

Guess what, Donald, Article One in the Constitution is about the legislative branch. S.U.N.Y. professors, Drs. Ireland and Rakov made it clear why that was the case. My professors would also leave no doubt as to why Amendment One provides for a free press.

By the way, if you think all republicans are bamboozled by The Donald, guess again.

When Jefferson (the one who wrote the Declaration of Independence) said he would prefer newspapers without a government to a government without newspapers, he may have been anticipating the rise of the biggest conman in history. You know, the one whose tax returns you haven’t seen, who says when you get to a certain position you may grope with impunity, while saying he has high regard for the rule of law (as long as it doesn’t apply to him) and nominated Brett Kavanaugh primarily because he evidently believes the President cannot be prosecuted outside of the impeachment process.

Collusion, Rudy, may not be a crime, but many other related things are crimes.

Despondently yours,

Gary Kent