No pay raises in 2021 for governor and other state-wide elected officials, commissioners

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 28 December 2020 at 2:43 pm

Photo by Kevin P. Coughlin/Office of the Governor – Andrew M. Cuomo speaks in New York City on May 9, 2020.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced today he is signing an executive order that will withhold pay raises for himself and other state-wide elected officials and commissioners.

Cuomo was in line for a $25,000 pay increase in 2021, from $225,000 to $250,000. The governor’s pay was $179,000 a year and was at that level for 10 years until it was increased to $200,000 in 2019 and then $225,000 this year.

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, Attorney General Letitia James and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli also won’t get raises, nor will commissioners such as Dr. Howard Zucker, the state’s health commissioner.

“It’s no reflection on what these commissioners have done,” Cuomo said today during a news conference about Covid-19 and the state’s response. “They probably worked harder this past year and performed better than any commissioner in their position frankly in decades. There has been no test like this test for a government official.”

The governor said withholding the raises shows sacrifice and solidarity for the people of the state during a difficult financial period.

“I also want to thank the Lieutenant Governor and the Attorney General and the Comptroller for the same statement that they’re making,” Cuomo said. “They’ve all worked incredibly hard this year and this is another sign of their commitment and their public service so I thank them very much.”