No denying division that exists in once united country

Posted 29 August 2020 at 9:48 am


I write in response to Gary Kent’s concerns regarding folks having a “cavalier” attitude toward a civil war.

First, since being offended is so loosely defined and “in” these days, I am offended. I am not a “conspiracy theorist.” I do watch Fox News. His thinly disguised derision of those on the right is not called for, especially since he and others on the left are opposed to stereotyping and profiling. Isn’t that what you are doing Mr. Kent?

One would also have to ask what kind of civil war worries Mr. Kent the most? Left vs Right, Black vs White, Poor vs Rich? Supporters of the rule of law vs criminals?

Mr. Kent rightly states that war kills people. It does. There is violence, hatred, injuries, and death. Not one sane person on the planet would advocate that. It can be said that all these factions are in conflict with the other in some form.

Which is exactly what is happening in large cities across our nation today. Cities that have been run by Democrats for decades. (Yet is President Trump’s fault of course.) The same career Democratic politicians that are conveniently turning a blind eye to the fact that men, women, and children are dying as a direct result of the anti-cop, anti-white, anti-anything patriotic anarchy they refer to as “peaceful protests.”

A once united nation is being torn to shreds before our very eyes. In NY, I could not go to church for weeks. I could, however, loot, rob, destroy in the name of “change” if I so chose. Any thinking person who denies that this is a mockery of what our forefathers envisioned is disingenuous. When the left is in control our Constitution is “evolving.” Evolving to favor their favorite big government scheme of the day.

Black Lives Matter of Chicago INC (a for profit organization) claims violence, robbery, looting, and other types of the crimes being committed are simply “reparations.” Really? It has almost become cliché that if they honestly are advocates for black lives why are they silent on the rampant rate of black-on-black crime?

Mr. Kent, I do not believe we are on the verge of civil war. I do believe that November’s election should decide our future. Ideally one party or the other will come out with the Presidency, the House, and the Senate. At least that would at last determine which path we take. The stakes are high, the division clear.

Regular readers of the Hub’s Letters section already know who and how I will be attacked in response to voicing my differing opinion. From those of the “all inclusive” party.

In closing, I implore every US citizen, get out and vote. In person. With ID.

Bob Harker