No cheap or easy solution to protect true freedom

Posted 8 March 2022 at 9:17 am


Seeing an entire Ukrainian family laying in a huddle, dead after being wiped out by the concussion of a mortar, is a reminder of what freedom really is. And is not a throw away argument about “I wanna” …

Not listening to Mitt Romney’s and Hillary Clinton’s warnings that Putin was already on a war path to rebuild the Russian Empire was hubris. It puts minor conceits like vaccines, taxes, coal vs. wind, noise in your backyard, in prospective. They are not the true freedom our ancestors understood and died for.

When prices go up just remember we are paying for our selfishness and failure to listen to real experts rather than venile politicians telling us what we want to hear on daily preferences.

It’s not going be quick, easy, or cheap to protect freedom. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

Conrad F. Cropsey