Niagara River’s hydroelectric power is most reliable, unsubsidized source of renewable energy

Posted 27 July 2018 at 4:38 pm


New York all-time record peak demand from July 2013 was 33,956MW. Peak demand from 2016 was 32,075MW. Peak demand from 2017 was 29,699MW, a 7.4 percent decrease in one year

New York State annual electric energy usage in 2016 was 160,798,000 MWH, and then was down 2.8 percent in 2017 at 156,370,000 MWH.

Energy efficiency programs and “behind the meter solar” are slowing the growth of energy supplied by the grid. The declining usage trend is expected to continue, however it is making operating and dispatching operations in the grid much more complex.

The Niagara River and hydroelectric facilities along the river are the most reliable, inexpensive unsubsidized source of renewable power in NYS. The same Niagara River water generates power from three locations: Niagara Power Project with the Storage Reservoir at 3,100 MW and the St. Lawrence Franklin D. Roosevelt Power Project at 1,088 MW.

 Niagara Power Project                         St. Lawrence F. D.R. Power Project

2013                                   2,441 MW                                                   800 MW

2017                                   3,100 MW                                                 1,088 MW

Increased MW                      659 MW                                                   288 MW

2016 Capacity Factor             63.5%                                                       98.3%

NYPA has increased power on the Niagara River by 947 MW since 2013. NYISO Power Trends 2018  “Transmission constraints affect Niagara Power Project generation and Ontario imports.” And “AC Transmission constraints affect efficient flow of power from upstate resources to downstate demand.”

It is impossible for the PSC to justify the need for APEX’s 52 MW when the Niagara Power Project has 3100 MW available but operating at only 63.5 percent. The same transmission constraints affecting Niagara Power would affect Apex in moving power from upstate to downstate.

Niagara Power – 3,100 MW at 63.5 percent =1970 MW utilized with 1130 MW sitting idle but available.

Apex Wind – 201 MW at 26 percent  = 52 MW utilized with 0 MW available.

Deny the Apex certificate of public need.

Gregory G. Woodrich