Niagara County Farm Bureau honors 3 state legislators as ‘friends’

Posted 26 December 2022 at 3:27 pm

Press Release, Niagara County Farm Bureau

Provided photo: Assemblyman Angelo Morinello (left), R-Niagara Falls, accepts his award from Niagara County Farm Bureau President Kevin Bittner

Niagara County Farm Bureau is recognizing three state legislators with its Circle of Friends award. Formally given by New York Farm Bureau, it recognizes state elected officials who support the legislation it promotes.

Niagara County Farm Bureau President Kevin Bittner explained it this way. “At our recent board meeting we looked at a number of factors. The voting record was important. However, we also took into consideration other efforts our elected officials made. Our concern with the various newly imposed labor regulations was part of the discussion. In addition, we wanted to acknowledge the willingness of our local representatives to meet with us and discuss these issues. They were always just a phone call away.”

Bittner then presented a certificate to Assemblyman Angelo Morinello. Senator Rob Ortt and Assemblyman Mike Norris could not attend. They will receive their certificates at lobbying days in Albany.

“This has been a stressful year for the agricultural industry,” said Morinello when he accepted the award. “I appreciate your taking the time to teach me about it. There are so many challenges. People from other areas of the state who have no concept of what farming is. The Farm Labor Bill that was meant to appease some people, but then offer farmers a tax credit to lessen the impact. Farm preservation is important. I am concerned about the number of solar farms taking land away from agriculture. I don’t want to rely on foreign countries for food.  I have deep routed support for your industry. I know what it takes to get up before dawn and face the many issues whether planting, harvesting or caring for your farm. I will stand by you and continue to fight to overcome these challenges.”

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