NFL players who refuse to stand for anthem act disgraceful to soldiers

Posted 2 October 2017 at 7:49 am


In life, there are prolific seeds that sprout for the common good. They produce virtues that have stood the test of time and reaffirm our value systems. In some cases, these seeds even steady us and bring us together in times of crisis and uncertainty. They emerge, as seen in the recent Mexican earthquake and Puerto Rico’s hurricane aftermath. People coming together to help others.

However, we also have the seeds that germinate into unfathomable hybrids of pessimism. Those who plant these seeds of doom, disrupt the common good and suddenly the balance of unity is fractured and the very core of our belief systems is shaken. This recusancy has gained momentum in our world and has woven its thread of destruction into the very institutions that use to embody the spirit of valor and honor in America.

It is said that when Francis Scott Key penned our national anthem, he did so as he witnessed the night bombing by the British Royal Navy on Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. He was awestruck when, during this bloody battle, he saw the American flag soaring high above the fort as a sign of triumph. Being so inspired by the valor and honor of the American soldier, he wrote the “Star Spangled Banner.” This was not a tribute to anyone other than the soldier who demonstrated his loyalty, duty, and selfless service to the cause of preserving America.

Today someone has planted a rogue seed which is taking an alternate route and creating havoc and division among the American people. Apparently some misinformed ‘football celebrity’ has taken it upon himself to parallel his political distaste for leaders and events and use our national anthem as his protest bench. His ‘sitting down’ is his statement to what’s wrong in America. What people see instead is a total disregard for a song that was meant to honor the soldier. This act is a disgrace to the integrity of the American soldier – the soldier who fights for us, our freedom, our country, our way of life.

When a player refuses to stand for the national anthem, it is a slap in the face to the soldier. Such a player’s own personal, selfish agenda has overridden any and all obligation to someone who should be held in the highest regard. Making a statement in America has become paramount to morality and honor. Offending someone is no longer a problem. We are losing our sense of empathy.

Like most Americans, we have someone in our family who was or is a soldier. As soon as these men and women took their oath of loyalty, they exhibited courage. They respected something that some people have lost: the common good.

It appears from recent events in the NFL, that loyalty, respect, selflessness, honor, and integrity are taking a backseat to someone’s personal agenda.

Thank a soldier today. Although the NFL may have abandoned these virtues, they are forever etched in the hearts and minds of the American soldier.

Mary Bannister Malican

East Aurora