Next four years could be rough in ‘new normal’ under Biden administration

Posted 21 December 2020 at 10:00 am


I literally laughed out loud when I read Bill Fine’s recent statement, “Democrats came down to $2 trillion relief package, but Republicans refused to accept any compromise. So now we have the $906 billion relief bill that is not ideal and will not meet the needs of those suffering from forced unemployment but it is better than nothing so Democrats will support this bill but Republicans still reject it.”

Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful woman in our nation and matriarch of the left not only signed off on this bill – she has publicly admitted that she has deprived American people in need for 3 months in favor of her ongoing political battle with the right.

“What changed? Two things, said the Speaker. A vaccine appears nearing delivery. And Joe Biden won the White House. That was not a mistake, it was a decision,” Pelosi said of her choice to demand for months a deal three times as large as what she’s now settling for. “That is a total game changer — a new President and a vaccine.” (Time Magazine 12/7/2020).

So, the vaccine that could never be developed in time under Trump actually was. And because “her guy” won the election, she has now started thinking about the American people?

I am not saying the right does not play the same types of games. Unfortunately most politicians do. That is the main reason a non-politician was elected in ’16. We are ALL tired of the political games and power grabs by both parties.

Now that we are about to enter Obama 2.0 (look at his cabinet choices) all eyes are on Georgia. If the left takes the Senate as well, the next four years will be filled with far left “achievements.” This will undoubtedly drive the 2024 elections.

And that is not to mention the unavoidable gross inflation we will experience for the next few years. Most of this will be a direct result of Covid. I do think it fair to say that the rate of inflation would be less under Republican control as there would not be as much “free” stuff given out to buy votes.

We are about to find out just how powerful the far left/socialists are. AOC is completely clueless as to reality, but she and others have been given rock star status by the media. Pelosi has rebuked her several times but she still wields a degree of power.

With Pelosi’s control deteriorating it is certainly going to be an interesting four years. Our nation will survive. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will thrive under Biden. Undoubtedly the new administration will come up with excuses and a newer version of “the new normal” in order to rationalize their failures.

Bob Harker