New York shouldn’t impose more taxes or else the state will see a bigger exodus

Posted 22 December 2018 at 9:01 am


New York State leads the nation in population loss. The net loss is 48,510. Out-of-state migration actually approached 200,000.

Governor Cuomo blames the weather on this population loss. It has nothing to do with his progressive policies which leads to an unfair tax burden to those who happen to bear those costs.

Many families and young adults are forced to leave the state to find employment as companies relocated away from NYS. Those who can vote with their feet with the help of the moving companies.

Now with a majority in both the Assembly and Senate, these progressive politicians will find more ways to fund their brilliant ideas. Enter the new carbon tax which is now being contemplated. This proposed legislation sets CO2 emission goals at 0% by the year 2050.

A tax will be imposed to force compliance with these standards. Rural areas will be faced with an unfair burden. Manufacturers will look to more business friendly states that don’t impose a tax which could be as high as 25%.

This will only increase the migration away from this state. I only hope these politicians observed the events in France before imposing this burdensome tax.

Ed Urbanik