New York has biggest one-day death toll from Covid-19

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 7 April 2020 at 2:08 pm

Gov. Andrew Cuomo reported today that 731 people died from Covid-19 in New York on Monday, bringing the total deaths in NY from the disease to 5,489 in about a month.

The 731 deaths is the most in a single day in the state from the coronavirus.

“That is a lot of pain for many New Yorkers and they are in our thoughts and prayers,” the governor said today at his daily news conference.

The 731 deaths follow 599 on April 5, 594 on April 4, 630 on April 3, and 562 on April 2.

The governor shared some good news: the number of new hospitalizations is decreasing, from 1,032 on Friday to 574 on Saturday, 358 on Sunday and 656 on Monday. He expects the number of Covid-19 deaths will also start to decline with the new hospitalizations going down.

But Cuomo said that will depend upon New Yorkers being vigilant with social distancing, washing their hands frequently and staying home as much as possible.

The state also reported 8,147 new confirmed cases of the virus on Monday, bringing the state-wide total to 138,836 cases, which is by far the most cases of any state in the country. New Jersey is second at 41,090 and Michigan is third at 17,130. There are 374,371 cases in the United States.

The governor has extended school closures until April 29, and nonessential businesses also need to remain closed until at least that day.

The governor urged people to adhere to social distancing guidelines. He said the state’s closures and social distancing policies seem to be working in flattening the curve.

“I know it’s been a frustrating 37 days,” he said. “But it’s only been 37 days on the other hand. I know it feels like a lifetime. It’s been so disruptive, so abrupt, so frightening, so disorienting. This is like Groundhog Day living through this bizarre reality that we’re in.”

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